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The VR storyteller combines psychology, storytelling and VR to create the most compelling experiences possible. Sammie de Vries, the founder, also teaches a VR storytelling masterclass and will help your company find the most creative VR solution.

Using my background in social psychology and screenwriting, I found a way to approach storytelling from an evolutionary perspective and break down what story is. I also dive into the physiology of VR and explain why and when the brain starts believing that the virtual is real.

I teach this masterclass at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and many other schools and companies in the Netherlands.

What do we do?


We give custom masterclasses for your company or school. We’ll come by.

Concept development

We can create any VR or AR experience. From a solo 360 video to a 5 people multiplayer computer generated masterpiece.

VR Consultancy

Does your company want to create a message for the most powerful medium ever? Give us a call.


The VR storytelling masterclass by Sammie de Vries

VR is a brand new medium, but offers more possibility then ever. The medium is the message and this medium packs a punch. Hyper-realism combined with interactivity will help get any message across. Be it a beautiful story, an educational experience or a brand. How does this medium let you believe that the virtual is real? How do you tell a story in which the viewer is the hero? How do you combine psychology, storytelling and VR?

The VR storytelling masterclass will answer all this and more. We do the masterclass in English or Dutch. We swing both ways.

Concept development

You ask, we create

We make VR and AR experiences and work hand in hand with one of the market leaders in VR development, the award winning studio: WeMakeVR.

Together we can create any experience. We do high quality stereoscopic VR film, but can also create a multiplayer CGI VR experience from scratch.


VR consultancy

Let us help you find your VR way

The VR storyteller gives costum VR advice. This could be for a specific project or product your company is working on or a more general VR strategy.

We have advised companies like ARTIS, SpacePlays, Storytrooper and many more.

Examples of our work

Contact us!

You can reach the VR storyteller at +31655142720 or send an email to:

Photo: Lotta Lagerberg
Photo: Lotta Lagerberg